About Me

As a child of the early swinging sixties, I was born into a world with a rich design heritage. Only now am I rediscovering the joys of mid century pattern and design!

As a child I was frequently rearranging my room and planning new colour schemes, but as a teenager, I was not able to study both Art and my other passion – Music; I therefore continued my education with a Music degree and an ongoing career in performance and teaching.

It is only relatively recently however, in the last 10 years or so, that I have managed to pursue my interest and study in art. The creative passion may have sat dormant for many years, but I have definitely made up for lost time since rediscovering the joy of creativity and design.

My Work

My work is expressive and colourful and often has strong elements of pattern within the composition.  Bold fluid mark-making defines the design, and a confident use of colour creates lively engaging compositions. My palette is informed by my personal reaction to colour and as a result I am currently working with warm, strong, uplifting colours.

What does it look like?

Floral shapes and patterns frequently emerge, and when I am developing a still life design, I often embrace traditional ideals and subject matter. It is however the contemporary use of colour and line, combined with my love of rhythm and harmony, that work together to create unique compositions. There is no doubt that my musical background informs and influences my creative decisions.

My Inspiration

My interest in colour and design has been fuelled recently by researching vintage and period ceramics and textiles. I have also been investigating how colour has been used throughout the centuries to enhance and stimulate the experience of the home maker. My home is important to me and my collections of handmade and natural found items are now beginning to make more sense in the bigger picture of my art – they all have elements of subtlety and strength. Inner and outer qualities that resonate with my own personality. The fact that they are all made by hand or by nature is important to me.


A recent re-engagement with textiles has opened another avenue to explore, and I am curious about the tactile and 3D elements that this introduces. I have an aesthetic relationship with my materials – creating a beautiful design is important to me, but I am also really interested in being fully immersed in the process of creation. Selecting the surface and materials are integral to my practice. My authentic hand has to be in the process if I am to create work that resonates.

New Developments

In order to further my interest in design and home furnishings, I have developed a small range of textiles and Homeware. I love the idea of creating a product that is both beautiful and useful. This new product range is available to View here  In addition to these printed textiles, I am also working on Needlepoint designs and Tapestry Weaving.

Where can you see my work?

I exhibit regularly in the South East of England and have taken part in South East Open Studios for 17 years. I also currently have a selection of landscapes available at the Number Four Gallery in St Abbs, Scotland.

Personal thoughts

For me personally, there has to be a combination of all the ingredients in the right proportions for the work to feel whole. There needs to be enough space in a design for the movement to be expressed freely.

When subtleties of colour, space, movement, line and texture all converge in a positive, balanced, uplifting experience, I feel that I have engaged successfully with both my subject matter and myself.


Due to Studio changes, I am unfortunately not able to offer any workshops at this time.


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Sarah de Mattos - studio portrait 2021

Exciting News!

I am delighted to announce that I have been working on a range of Textile designs for homeware. Click here to visit my Textile shop or click the link on my Home page.