Art is music made visible, as music is art made audible. (Ted Hesketh)

I have always loved the Arts, and in the 1980s, I studied Music at University and trained as a professional musician and singer.  I still love music and continue to work in this genre today.

About 15 years ago however I also realised that I wanted to extend my creativity and after many years of studying and exploring, I am now able to indulge my passion for drawing and painting too

My work is expressive and colourful and often has strong elements of pattern within the composition.  Bold confident mark making defines the design, and  my Still Life paintings often embrace traditional and modern subject matter.  I am also partial to floral shapes and patterns, and colour is a constant companion throughout.

My interest in colour and design has been fuelled recently by researching vintage and period ceramics, and investigating how colour has been used throughout the centuries to enhance and stimulate the experience of the home maker.


I exhibit regularly in the South East of England and have taken part in South East Open Studios for 15 years. I am currently represented by the Artspring Gallery ​ in Tonbridge.

In my home Studio, I also run bespoke Positive Creativity workshops for individuals and small groups.


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